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Animal Careers Workshop - Shared screen with speaker view
Alex Wolfe - The Humane League
THE HUMANE LEAGUESign up to volunteer: https://www.thehumaneleague.org/volunteer-with-usOur website: www.thehumaneleague.orgEvent Calendar: www.thehumaneleague.org/eventsFast Action Network (FAN - allows you take digital actions on your own from your apartment in your PJ’s): www.thehumaneleague.org/fast-action-networkMy email: awolfe@thehumaneleague.org
Alex Wolfe - The Humane League
https://www.thehumaneleague.orghttps://www.thehumaneleague.org/events https://www.thehumaneleague.org/fast-action-network awolfe@thehumaneleague.org
Alex Wolfe - The Humane League
For the question about research and scientific opportunities: Hi, great question and I’ll let Michelle answer, but I wanted to chime in quickly and let you know about The Humane League Labs, which is the research branch of THL. Additionally, our Corporate Relations work involves a lot of researching (albeit less scientific). Here’s a link to HLL: http://www.humaneleaguelabs.org/
Kimberly Smith
https://aspca.wd1.myworkdayjobs.com/ASPCAWebsite/jobsPlease feel free to email about any career opportunities: kimberly.smith@aspca.org
Kimberly Smith
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